We are still working and available for your project! We are now located at 215 S. Walker Ave in Downtown Oklahoma City. Our new phone number is 405-849-5050. 

"All I need is a cold can of Diet Dr Pepper to make me happy, yet Randy & Matt give me so much more – top-notch production, effortless creative collaboration and just a great time every minute I’m there. It’s always fun and that energy is always reflected in the final piece. I always look forward to my next production with RK-1.” 

Brian WinkelerRobot House Creative

Audio Production

Oklahoma City is home to a multitude of talented actors that can give your project a voice that stands out....

You Need to Hear This

Music Production

Custom composition, jingles, parody, and recording services, we can make the music in your head come out of the speakers...

You Need to Hear This