We are still working and available for your project! We are now located at 215 S. Walker Ave in Downtown Oklahoma City. Our new phone number is 405-849-5050. 


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The ADDY Gala was a blast! Big thanks to the ADDY Dream Team for stepping up & making it happen! We've put together a little video to congratulate the winners in our own way... enjoy!

Reba Russell Interview

As heard on the Sunday Night Blues Cruise, this is the entire interview Matt did with Memphis Blues singer, Reba Russell. She will perform Sunday, March 27th, at the Legendary Blues Saloon in OKC.

OKC MidTown Rotary

Every year, Ad2 Clubs from across the country put together a pro-bono public service project for a non-profit group in their area. This year's client for Ad2OKC is Oklahoma City Midtown Rotary! This month's podcast is 2 radio spots produced for the 2011 Ad2 OKC Public Service Project and features Morgan Brown & Matt Kemp as voices.. Enjoy!

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year! Welcome to the first installment of RK-1 Podcast 2011! I hope there will be many more to come. But for now, put on yer boots, and enjoy a bit of Kempmusik on the house!

Midnight Sorrow (Warm Tomorrow)

Welcome to the first installment of RK-1 Podcast!