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Voice Talent

Julie Carruth

We just recently learned that Julie can sing! We shoulda read her bio!

Julie Carruth has been entertaining audiences for over 30 years. From the moment she saw the onstage production of “Annie,” her life forever changed. She traveled extensively during her youth performing vocally and emceeing in front of large audiences throughout Oklahoma. While emceeing at a Cerebral Palsy Telethon at the age of 13, Julie caught the eye of a local TV news broadcaster. He began mentoring her, and soon the doors of television broadcasting opened as she became an Oklahoma City ABC Student News-Corp Reporter, reporting on outstanding teens in Oklahoma (and making $25 a story –big money back then!). During college, Julie worked as Senior Copywriter for an advertising agency. Clients began requesting her to voice and star in their radio and television ads, and the crazy world of voice overs and on-camera work was birthed.

And may we say, she's good! Click below to listen and see if you agree!

Sample Files

VO Demo

Narration Demo